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PPE Administration

Our Administrator role as regards PPEs is to listen to and to serve co-proprietors. But it is above all to ensure the application and respect of Property Regulations, ensuring proper building maintenance as well as the collection of property fees and charges.

We represent all co-proprietors, and defend the Common Interest by anticipating problems, and by managing and executing property-related works.

Our administrative and financial discipline and our approach to the anticipation of issues promote cost control. All PPEs are managed under third party accounts, which ensures that clients maintain financial control of their assets.

We conduct regular visits to properties to prevent the development and occurrence of technical problems whilst proposing improvements, if necessary.

Our Operating Principles and Procedures are established in accordance with the recommendations of the Swiss Union of Real Estate Professionals. However, these are flexible in the case of exceptions, or if specific changes become applicable to a property.

Our activity is transparent, and all benefits from all the discounts and rebates negotiated with suppliers will accrue to the client's account.