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A yearning for independence and entrepreneurship led me to start GAP Immobilier Sàrl, and at the beginning of 2014, I created my company to provide Quality Real Estate Services with a particular focus on Proximity.

I hold a Federal Brevet and bring strong experience gained over 20 years in the real estate sector, specifically in the areas of Property & Rental Management, PPE Administration and Property Sale & Acquisition. I have served in the capacity of Director at two real estate agencies, successively, since 1999.

At GAP Immobilier Sàrl, I look forward to offering superior services to a demanding clientele, in both the residential and commercial sectors.

Real estate is a complex activity, and as such it requires a high level of flexibility in identifying and implementing case-by-case solutions if the Assets are to be viable, and if Profitability is to be sustainable over time. By Proximity I mean the ability to work “closely” and intensively with my clients, and to help promote their Real Estate Project or Asset as if it were my own.

The philosophy and approach at GAP Immobilier Sàrl is therefore to put our clients at the center of our concerns and to focus the company's services on identifying, developing and implementing “tailored solutions” to their Real Estate Projects and objectives.

I will be assisted by a professional and dynamic team capable of representing your interests and assisting you in your decisions. Our small and efficient operating structure will ensure a high-quality working experience that is uncomplicated, fast and efficient.

I look forward to meeting with you and to discussing how GAP Immobilier Sàrl can best serve your need.

                                                                                                                                   Laurence Turin